Blog: Access Services will no longer be available in SharePoint Online. Are you ready?

May 25, 2017 Jeremy Minich

Manage SharePoint Access Services - DocAuto

For many organizations, Access Services are a great way of building SQL-style apps in SharePoint. Unfortunately, starting in June 2017, new Access-based apps and web databases will no longer be able to be created in SharePoint Online. You will need to migrate these apps to an on-premise SharePoint environment or other services like Microsoft PowerApps or Flows, by April 2018. 

So how can make sure that you’re migrating all the site collections that have the Access Feature turned on? That’s an excellent example of how DocAuto’s SPorganizer™ solution can help. 

With SPorganizer, you can simply create a “blueprint” to audit your SharePoint Online tenants to easily identify where the Access Feature is enabled. Armed with this information, you can develop an appropriate plan to decommission old or outdated Access apps, migrate Office 365 Access apps to an on-premise environment, or move Access apps to PowerApps or other third-party solutions. The same blueprint can also be used to turn Access Services off before users start using them.

As seen in the screenshot above, SPorganizer can connect to and query across multiple environments simultaneously (SharePoint on-premises and Office 365).  You can simply add a conditional rule for the search property to find all sites that have the Access Feature activated.  You can then output important information like Site Name and URL for auditing purposes.  Additionally, if desired, you can simply toggle to the Action operation to Update and set the ActivateFeatureAccessApp to N to deactivate it on all sites found by the query.

With SPorganizer,  blueprints can be created via a simplified, intuitive UI that eliminates the need to run lengthy, complex PowerShell scripts. Information can be quickly captured and made actionable from a single interface. Virtually any blueprint can be created to help you identify risks across your enterprise, regardless of the complexity your SharePoint environment.  Schedule a demo to learn more about SPorganizer today. 

SPorganizer is a trademark of DocAuto, Inc.

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