Blog: Top 4 Reasons to Like the New SharePoint Admin Center

June 13, 2017 Jeremy Minich

Top 4 Reasons to Like SharePoint Admin Center - DocAuto

We tuned in to the recent SharePoint Virtual Summit and were very excited to hear about all the new capabilities on the SharePoint roadmap, including the completely revamped SharePoint Admin Center that will be introduced later this year. Microsoft is making great strides in providing SharePoint Online administrators with the tools they need for managing high-level content and auditing.

According to Bill Baer, Microsoft senior technical product manager: “While our new user experiences are designed to be simpler, more intuitive, and more powerful we also believe administration should be just as simple, just as intuitive, and just as powerful. An administrative console should be designed to help IT achieve more, so their users can achieve more.”

Here are the top 4 reasons we’re looking forward to the new SharePoint Admin Center:

  1. Views into user and file activity so you can quickly see how your organization is using SharePoint Online.
  2. Site management and auditing with filtered views so can get the detailed info you need (i.e. sites not used within X days) and quickly take action (i.e. deleting or updating site owners).
  3. Multi-geo support for OneDrive so you can add different geographic locations to your OneDrive settings and identify where a user’s OneDrive files are stored. You can also enable/disable external sharing based on the user’s geography.
  4. Service level encryption keys using your own keys. Office 365 has had encryption capabilities for a while, but using their keys.  Therefore, Microsoft was the gatekeeper and could unencrypt your content.  With your own keys, you are the gatekeeper and Microsoft can’t access your data.  If you decommission Office 365 and move to another provider, all you have to do is delete your keys and no one has access.  Additionally, if Microsoft were subpoenaed to provide your data, they would not be able to do this because you have the keys and you would be aware of the request. More info.  

    While the new SharePoint Admin Center is another great step forward by Microsoft, if you want to gain much more detailed insight into SharePoint Online and on-premises environments with actionable results that can be automated, then you need to take a look at DocAuto’s SPorganizer™ solution.  SPorganizer has been designed to help you manage all aspects of your SharePoint environment. Sign up for a demo today.


SPorganizer is a trademark of DocAuto, Inc. SharePoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft.


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