Blog: Why SPorganizer Video - Our “Why” Defined

May 18, 2017 DocAuto Blogger

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it."  - Simon Sinek, TED Talk 

The above quote by Simon Sinek is powerful, yet simple. So why did we create the SPorganizer™ solution? Much like this quote, our goal is to deliver a powerful, yet simple solution to help you take control of your SharePoint environment. Take a look at this quick video for insights on why we built SPorganizer.

We’ve dedicated our careers to helping people just like you tackle enterprise content management challenges. Starting with the end in mind and we built our solutions based on the capabilities of the entire SharePoint platform. Our team dissected every component of SharePoint and built software solutions that make SharePoint easy to use, less expensive to manage, and faster to deploy with fewer resources. Regardless of the business you’re in, the type of data you use, or the systems your data is in, the unlimited flexibility of SPorganizer can make SharePoint work for you. 

Learn how you can take control of your SharePoint environment today—all from a single, easy to use interface. Schedule a demo to learn more about SPorganizer. 

SPorganizer is a trademark of DocAuto, Inc.


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