Why are we still paying for SharePoint migration?

May 16, 2018 Ryan VanOsdol

SharePoint Migration

If you’ve ever migrated from one version of SharePoint to another, then you’ve almost certainly used a migration solution.

Paid for migration solutions provide quite a bit of very valuable functionality. They can allow you to reorganize your SharePoint environment, selectively move over some content and leave other content behind, create new sites with new updated templates, auto-tag content, apply content types, and apply security and permissions among other things, all while migrating. Activities that you can’t do with an upgrade in place or a database detach/attach. There’s a lot of appeal to being able to do these activities when you’re migrating to the next version of SharePoint, and companies have spent a lot of money over the years for SharePoint migration solutions.

Microsoft has started to close the gap with the free “migrate to the cloud” solution that they introduced at Ignite 2017, but that’s still on-prem to cloud only. At this time, that doesn’t help with your next on-prem to on-prem migration, if you’re staying on-prem or running hybrid. I applaud Microsoft for starting to move in the direction of providing a free migration utility, however there is still some clarity lacking around if they will also provide an on-prem to on-prem migration solution.

That leaves you with considering product offerings from the main players in this space and purchasing a disposable migration solution.

At DocAuto we decided that we want to do something different. We’re building the next generation SharePoint solution.  We asked ourselves, as the new player in the space, how do we capture people’s attention? How do we add more value than anybody else? What can we do differently to get noticed? How can we work with companies in ways that the others can’t, or won’t? How can we help?

After much consideration of those questions and others, we’ve decided that we are going to bundle migration – with no additional fees or licensing costs – to migrate from File Shares to SharePoint and from SharePoint to SharePoint, into our next generation SharePoint administration and governance solution, without limits or restrictions.

That’s different, and we’re hoping that people notice our commitment to the SharePoint community and our desire to offer more value, and more and better functionality, with our next generation SharePoint solution than anybody else.

We call our SharePoint solution “SPorganizer,” and you can learn all about it at www.sporganizer.com.

With SPorganizer, migration is now included at no extra charge. 

All of a sudden, it feels as if the world is a better place.

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